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So I have another quick PSA to post before I sign off for the evening


This is in response to my earlier PSA regarding guflakesncheese and to new (but not really new) findings in a pending investigation.

To Phil, better known as guhflakesncheese and kittyfighterMAX here on Tumblr, I sincerely apologize for my earlier outbursts. I can’t take back what has been said, but I apologize for going HAM on you. I’m sorry and I hope we can move past this with time. I also apologize for whoever that psycho anon is/was who’s apparently send you hate on my behalf. 

Thanks for making the counter-PSA to your own PSA.

Thought this one was called the “PDA?” Heheheh.

Negativity Day is over!

After (pretty much) solving the case of the belligerent anon, watching my youngest niece be good at DDR, and beating my mom in Super Scrabble 446-443, I can safely say that I’m in a good mood, and it’s time to wind down for work tomorrow.

I think I’ve had enough of being all these people’s gravy boy for one day, anyway.

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